The blood donation contest at your university!

Important Facts about the MedicsDonateBlood-Contest 

Start of the contest?


MedicsDonateBlood-Contest is planned for 10th May 2021!
The contest for the crown of the blood donors will last four weeks.

Until the start of the contest every faculty and its MedicsDonateBlood-Team is recommended to mobilize and inform their donors as early as possible about the contest, so that everyone is allowed to donate in this period of time! 

Order of events? 

At your local blood Centers you will find the registration form to participate in the contest. You have to fill it out and let it stamp after your successfull donation.
If you should you not be in your beloved studying city, you can also donate at your blood center "at home". Send the stamped form to your medical student council.
If you wish to make the contest even more "famous" in order to win the contest with your faculty share a pic your donation with @medicsdonateblood or #medicsdonateblood.

Who can participate? 

Everyone can participate in the contest! Whether you're a Medical student or not, every donor is heartly welcomed to participate.
Also take your friends and family, to lead your faculty to the top of the donors. Remember, it is all for good purpose!

What can I donate?

First of all, it is Great that you go donate at all!
You can donate normal blood, plasma or even thrombocytes to let your donation count for the contest. 

When do I get the results?

During the contest we will give weekly updates about the ranking on our website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

At the end of the contest, the registration forms will be counted our again and proved on correctness.

Shortly after the certification, the "blood-richest" faculty will be award with the MedicsDonateBlood-Trophy.