Würzburg and Leipzig win first ever MedicsDonate  Blood 

Extraordinary performance by these two Universities! Würzburg wins "Most Medical Students" and Leipzig wins "Most Donors in total"

Total number of participants are counted!

We say thank you to 13.891 donors! That was tremendous and wer are already looking forward to see you guys next year again, giving the best you have – your blood.

Medisspenden-blut ft. Gustavo Gusto

The Team of Gustavo Gusto delivered some fresh and really good pizzas after that you have donated your blood.  

DKMS meets Medisspenden-blut 

We are very happy to announce the partnership with DKMS (German bone marrow donation). We are more than than grateful to help people with blood cancer too! 

3xMedisspen-denblut Shirts 

Get one of our new shirts! Just contact us via email. 

TV-Team from "Hessenschau" were guests 

Today the TV-Team of Hessenschau was guest in the institute of transfusion medicine of UKGM Marburg. It will be sent Sunday night at at 7.30pm.

Your uni hasn't joined yet? 

Ihr You want your university to join the contest and lead them to the top of the blood-richest uni?
Start now and send us an email to [email protected] 

Let's go with MedicsDonate Blood

We are establishing an international blood donation contest at Medical Universities.