History of MedicsDonateBlood 

It all started with the idea to convince people of giving blood. Blood is always needed urgently, especially in times of crisis, such as the corona-crisis. 

We saw this as an opportunity, which had to be taken and turned ideas into action.

Why the initiative?

The year 2020 has started well. But shortly after spring had begun, the world was hit by the corona crisis. With that crisis our health care system was confronted with lots of new problems and difficulties to overcome.

With the beginning of the crisis, the number of blood donations were decreasing dramatically. At this point we as medicals students saw it as our task to do something about this issue. 

Within weeks we contacted all medical faculties in Germany in order to manage the competition. By doing this we could reach 20 out of 36 Universities who jumped on the train. The local teams mobilized their students to go and donate blood.  

Why a contest? 

Some people have argued, that giving your blood should not be in terms of a contest. Well, These people are not totally wrong.

But what the most of these people do take into account, is that the number of people donating their blood, is constantly decreasing over the last decade! Especially young people don't find their ways to the donation centers. 
The numbers are getting very serious, so that blood donations have to be imported from abroad. 

This serious condition needs new concepts and solutions, in order to get our young back into the blood donation centers!

Organising an international contest in blood donation is one of them!