International Blood-giving Contest 
Medical students call for blood giving
Taking social responsibility in times of civil commotions 

13.891 Donors*

We are overwhelmed and want to say 

thank you! 

*in Germany, who took part in the contest

Würzburg wins ranking of "Most Medical Students" 

Congratulations to the MedicsDonateBlood Team Würzburg! Thanks to all of you guys and especially to all the donors that led the Team to the podium. The trophy will be in Würzburg for one year. Also great thanks to Prof. Böck and Gabriele Veit from the Institute for transfusion medicine at UKW as well as the Plasmacenter Würzburg.

This wonderful piece of a trophy was made Martine Seibert-Raken, an innovative artist from Bonn. While working on the masterpiece she tells us:"I can implement the theme "blood" artistically quite good and it is great fun for me to work on it!"
Thank you very much for the nice trophy!

On the way to hand over the trophy to the students!

In the clinic's blood center the trophy will exhibited for one year.
All of them are quite proud!

Leipzig wins with "Most donations in total"

In front of one of the oldest blood and second largest donation centers in Germany, Leipzig's medical students receive the handmade trophy. Congratulation to Prof. Henschler and his Team for the excellent management and 2100 donations!

Congratulation to the MedicsDonateBlood-Team Leipzig with Bella, Katha and Lukas! You did great! Also Special thanks to all donors who gave their blood. 
The trophy will stay in Leipzig's blood bank for one year.  

This nice trophy is handcrafted by artist Martine Seibert-Raken from Bonn.
It is an artificial interpretation of a blood vessel. While creating the artwork Martine says:"It is great fun and an honor to me to create the trophy for this nice project!"

Thank you very much for this innovative artwork!

In Leipzig's blood Bank the trophy is shown for one year from now on. May the Leipziger students defend the trophy next year again. The chances aren't too bad.